Invest in Vanier

Vanier: A great place to start a business

Vanier is becoming a great place to live, work and play, regardless of whether you think a T-shirt is underwear or formal wear.

Millions of dollars of new commercial and residential investment is already pouring into this area. The population is growing, incomes are rising, and so too are expectations for goods and services that are just a short walk down the street.

The area is proud of its Francophone roots and French is still the mother tongue of some 40 per cent of residents. However, Vanier is fluently multilingual, with locals and visitors easily conversing in English, French and a host of other languages from around the world.

This is reflected in the variety of businesses that operate in the area. Don’t come to Vanier expecting to find the big box landscape of the ’burbs. Vanier businesses are as unique as the people who run them.

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