The ‘hair-zapping queen’

Carrefour Vanier Vein Clinic’s Linda Pisani reflects on how she became a different kind of household name

“I had been doing hair removal for 13 years, and it started when I was on Rogers TV. When I stepped onstage the host introduced me as the “hair-zapping queen.” I was surprised, but the name stuck. Now I’m very happy with (the moniker). Did I think I would grow up to become the “hair-zapping queen?” Absolutely not – I wanted to do pedicures and manicures and facials, but when I started the program I took the laser hair removal course and loved it. When I graduated I went right into that – I loved the laser hair removal results on myself and I figured if it is going to work on me, it will work on anybody. Now, it’s been 13 years that I have been doing it and I have so many people who have success stories. Some people might be disgusted by what I do but I find it so satisfying because my clients are happy when they leave and if they leave happy – I am happy.”

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