Owner and fitness trainer Stephanie Karlovits of Epic Fitness + Lifestyle

Fitness instructor and Vanier resident Stephanie Karlovits discusses how her clinic at 230 Beechwood Ave. is unlike any other – and the first step to being “perfect.”

“To witness people healing, getting stronger, feeling alive and building life practices that will last a lifetime is truly an amazing thing. The energy you feel right when you walk in is special …We have physiotherapy, acupuncture, holistic nutrition and facial stretch therapy. Our physiotherapist has access to our functional training gym as well as the clinic space, so the care we can provide to clients truly is the best. Also, our practitioners speak to each other to the benefit of the client. This way, clients heal from injury and increase their performance faster.

Many people are waiting for perfect – the perfect hour, the perfect outfit, the perfect time, but there is no such thing.  Perfect comes from putting yourself out there and getting started. Our motto is “just show up,” because once you do that, we’ve got the rest and guarantee you success. So, people just need to get started and not wait until the perfect weather or perfect time.”

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