A community of different people, business – and creatures

Kelly Butler shares what she loves about Vanier animals – and their owners:

“There is a very diverse community in Vanier from longtime Franco-Ontarian families to new immigrants and many university students. We are pleased to meet so many people keen to look after their pets and people who are so open to working preventively to keep their furry families healthy.  We respect that there is a diversity of incomes and try to make recommendations that will meet their budget and keep their pet well.

It is both the people and the pets that make this a wonderful community to be part of. From the gentle old Golden who, with considerable trepidation, walks into our hospital and heads right over to the counter with liver treats to the bouncy Rottweiler who refused to pass by our doors without being able to come in for a treat.

Vanier is a community of many different creatures, people and businesses who work well together.  We are open to change but also respect history.”


– Kelly Butler, veterinarian, Vanier Animal Hospital

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