‘A place of discovery’ in Vanier

Nicolas McCarthy shares what Beechwood Cemetery means to Vanier, Canada and Canadian history:

“Beechwood Cemetery is truly a remarkable place. We are a library of stories, a keeper of this history of Ottawa. It’s a place of discovery, from history to symbols to even nature such as plants and animals. It’s a place that is alive with the community it serves.

For the community, it’s a place of constant; we’ve always been here for them. We have served the city for nearly 150 year. Everyone has something that they connect with at Beechwood. It could be from the early resident of Bytown to the soldier who fought in Afghanistan. Beechwood has been a welcoming place for all Canadians of diverse backgrounds.

It provides people with a moment of reflection. Visitors are eager to come on a tour and learn about their shared history. Beechwood is a keeper of Canadian history, and strives to provide the best education to our families and those visiting the grounds.”


– Nicolas McCarthy, director of marketing, communications and community outreach, Beechwood Cemetery

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