Catherine Strevens-Bourque, Retirement Living Consultant at Chartwell New Edinburgh Square

A Retirement Living Consultant, Catherine Strevens-Bourque, reflects on how she helps individuals find the right place to call home at New Edinburgh Square.


“On any given day we work with people who have some measure of change in their life and often times its challenging. Either it’s families who know that mom isn’t striving, or know they no longer quite have the balance or the stamina to be living alone and I am here to present a whole new world of options for them. I find that I am always giving people a lot of information to process but I also give them tips for, the future, because although some aren’t thinking now – I tell them to keep the information in your back pocket so that if something changes tomorrow, I will be there to help you. And, inevitably, I get that phone call because something has changed. But now they have a name and a face and a place so it’s not like you’re in a hospital thinking, ‘Uh, ok, now what do I do?’ – Well what you do is give Catherine a call.

I find there’s a lot of good in my day when you get to see these people leading better lives.”


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