Jacobsons Gourmet enters a new era

On the eve of opening a new, expanded location at 103 Beechwood Ave., Dominique Jacobson of Jacobsons Gourmet explains how her love of food was cultivated and why it was “essential” for the family businesses to remain on Beechwood Avenue.

I did part of my schooling in France, which is where I started my work in cheese. I realized (at the time that) I knew nothing about cheese, and it really opened my eyes to the world.

I met my husband while travelling in Nashville. We were married down there and moved back to Ottawa 10 years ago. We both really love food – the experience, the culture, the craftsmanship, how the food is farmed, how the ingredients are grown, handled and treated, as well as how that influences flavour.

Jacobson's Gourmet

Jacobsons Gourmet is really a family business. My mom and my godmother opened the store. The whole family is still involved and we try to make it an expression of ourselves.

A lot of these items that we have on the shelf are not just products. They reflect the people that we have relationships with – new producers who we are excited to be supporting or some of these producers I’ve grown up with.

We celebrated our 14th anniversary this year. There are certain things that we would have loved to have done at the current store, but we just didn’t have the physical space to do it. We’re going to miss that space. It’s very special to us. We’re really excited to open here, we’re really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish from that foundation we started at 141 Beechwood.

I really hope that when we open our doors on Dec. 5, the community will be happy with what we’ve created. Everything we have done here has been with our guests and our team in mind.

The community has been essential in supporting us, promoting us as well as giving us the encouragement to try new things and make a difference. We’ve been so lucky. For us it was essential to stay here in Beechwood.

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