People of Vanier: The Beechwood Avenue baristas of The Ministry of Coffee

From left, barista Jon Legacy, The Ministry of Coffee manager Julia Norris and barista Heather Swan show off a perfected coffee design at the coffee shop, 18 Beechwood Ave.

Manager Julia Norris and her staff share their favourite requests from customers and why they love working on Beechwood Avenue.  

Meghan Laver, on her most unique order:

“Our clientele varies greatly, so there’s always something interesting happening here – someone once asked me for a “deconstructed latte” so they could build it at their table themselves.”


Anastasiya Gorodnicha, on four-legged customers:

“The community here is so welcoming and nice, but the dogs here are the best! They always have smiling faces and are eager to be out and about. I’m so happy to see them walking around happily with their owners.”


Joanie Rheaume-Bond, on Vanier’s unique feel:

“This neighbourhood is just like a small town. Everybody knows each other and there is truly a sense of community and it is nice to be part of that and to be part of people’s routine … The Beechwood clientele is nice and eclectic, which makes it fun!”


Julia Norris, on what makes working in Vanier special:

“I got into the coffee business through a friend of my sister’s. I worked at that shop for about two years and fell in love with the culture around coffee shops. The best part of working on Beechwood is the customers. There is such a diverse range of people who come into the shop and it’s always nice to get to know them.”

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