“Why have one scoop when you can have two?”

Sundae School Photograph taken by Ashley Fraser Photography

Lindsay Taub, the owner of Sundae School, reflects on what it’s genuinely like to be the official “Ice Cream lady” of Beechwood

“Watching the kids (and grownups) choose their ice cream is one of the best parts of owning an ice cream shop. People are generally excited to get ice cream. It evokes a nostalgic, happy feeling that reminds people of when they were children. I love seeing how thrilled the children are to see so many candy options. I love seeing parents delight in knowing they’re about to share a treat with their kids. I love it when the kids are told they can have more than what they were expecting. It is truly heartwarming to be part of this special experience for the community. I am very proud to have created an opportunity for people to come together on Beechwood. Beechwood lies at the crossroads of five vibrant and diverse communities, and everyone loves ice cream, so I truly feel that we have an incredible opportunity to serve so many people. When I created Sundae School, I envisioned contributing to my community. It’s been such a thrill to see people coming from all over the city (and even from other cities) to visit us.”

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