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Fernanda Ocampo, Mercado Latino

Fernanda Ocampo, on how Mexican vacations turns Canadians into new customers

“I come from Acapulco, in Southern Mexico. I followed my husband to Canada – he came here two years before me. When I first arrived, I loved the snow, the winter is so different from the things that I used to see in Mexico. I love my job – I’m here working seven days a week. We sell products that come from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala and other places in South America. Importing all of these products can be very hard to do, I get them from many different suppliers. We have plants, like cactus, in the front window that we sell, my husband grows all of them himself at our home. I like the plants, I need them in the winter time when the outside is all white.

When Canadians go to Mexico and try real Mexican food, they come back and want those ingredients. I can help them to find that here. You can start with enchiladas, try corn tortillas, green and red chilies – we have so many choices.”

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