Vanier is the most unique neighborhood in Ottawa. Amongst the best-selling real-estate neighbourhoods in Ottawa, Vanier BIA and it’s over 400 businesses, sit on the outer east end of the downtown core. More than a single shopping district, the Vanier BIA includes three main streets, each with their own distinct personality that reflects our diversity.

Modern Vanier is diverse, and continuing to bloom into a economic and cultural hub where the richness is found in the contrasts of culture various styles. Vanier is a diverse neighborhood with many hidden gems, from colourful murals to vibrant gathering spaces, from iconic long-lasting businesses to budding new shops and cafés.




The old Vanier is blooming into a cultural hub where contrasting styles and backgrounds come together to collaborate, blend and vibe together. Vanier is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with many “hidden” gems, from colourful murals to charming businesses.
The Vanier visual identity embodies this idea united diversity. The simple shapes contained in the graphic signature are flexible, universal, and multicultural.